The following are sample offerings.  Content and timeframes can be adjusted to fit your community’s specific needs, and new topics will be offered from time to time.

Underlying our ecological crisis is mode of thought that treats the earth, oceans,  animals, plants and even humans as if they were machines, running predictably, logically, like “clockwork.” This way of thinking has brought dramatic gains in the short run, but forcing life into a straightjacket ultimately is a recipe for disaster. Understanding the patterns contained in Jewish texts can lead us to a more natural way of thinking, one that reflects nature instead of strangling it, and understanding the patterns of  eco-systems, economic, political or social systems and can help us open up Jewish texts in a new, enlivened perspective.

Compos(t)ing A Life: A Jewish Workshop of Creativity, Ecology and Renewal
3 hours

Composting you kitchen scraps is a really important thing to do. And if we understand it well, it can be a microcosm of a sustainable, healthy and spiritually rich life. This workshop will feature an experiential and fun mixture of creativity exercises, discussion, text study in small groups, meditation, music and more.

Five-part series of learning and doing

In these seminars we introduce you to some of the aspects of Organic Torah, a torah of creativity, depth and surprise.  Each segment includes both experiential and intellectual components.

  • Eating Local, Thinking Global
  • From Waste to Wonder: Shells, Sparks and Compost
  • Shabbat: Rhythms in Time, Rhythms in Nature
  • Left Brain/Right Brain: Meditation and Text
  • Stringing Pearls: The Midrashic Mind and Us


While many of our offerings are aimed at audiences without special training or experience in learning Jewish texts, ecology or any other field, Organic Torah has much to offer advanced students.  Rabbinical students, rabbis and other clergy, or those with expertise in ecology,  organizational behavior, or other complex system sciences can all benefit from the  integrative perspective which Organic Torah offers.