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Returning to Natural Wisdom, Expanding our Love (as published in EJP)

In the depth of winter, when the stark lines of bare tree branches are etched against a gray sky, it feels like each tree has pulled away from its neighbor, shrinking into itself, saving its energy to survive the cold season. We are also seeing that same reflex toward isolation in our society and country. […]

Two Ways of Thinking

When I was a kid my parents would try to tell me to think about not just the immediate gratification, but also about the longer-term results of my actions. I find myself telling it to my kids. It’s not easy for a little kid to stay away from too many sweets because we tell them […]

Case Study in a New Paradigm for Rabbinic Training

Note: Natan recently published this piece on eJewishPhilanthropy.com. Click here to read the full article. Last month my student of six years became ordained as a rabbi. The ordination took place in the wood paneled Braun Room at Harvard Divinity School’s Andover Hall – as far as anyone knows, the first time there ever has […]

A Distillation of Life

The snow is on the ground and winter has finally arrived here in New England. The roads are beginning to narrow with the snowplow’s sloppy drifts piling up around the curbs and our mud room is starting to pile up with wet boots, socks, hats and jackets spilling onto the floor. And I’m thinking of […]

New Class starting in February

Mishnah Ketubbot: Marriage, Money and Gender Wednesday Nights, Mar. 2 – May 18 at Congregation Eitz Chayim, Cambridge We’ll explore the first chapter of Mishnah Ketubbot in this course. Looked at from the perspective of its literary/anthropological patterns, this chapter reveals insights into the way the Rabbis of the Mishnah viewed men, women, and marriage.  It also opens […]

Slow Money Maine: Forum on Building a Healthy Local Food Economy

Thursday, January 7, 7 p.m. Congregation Adas Yoshuron and Rabbi Natan Margalit will host a panel discussion on Slow Money Maine on Thursday, Jan. 7, 7 p.m. with panelists Bonnie Rukin, Coordinator of Slow Money Maine, Samuel Kaymen, soil enthusiast and investor, and Jeff Wolovitz, owner of Heiwa Tofu. Slow Money takes its name from […]

Everyone Counts. Every Action Makes a Difference.

What can we learn from ancient Jewish texts about the current distressing and frightful geopolitical situation so filled with war, refugees, mass shootings and terrorist attacks? I think a lot, and it is often surprising where insight can be found. For example, I was recently reminded* that Maimonides, the great medieval rabbi and philosopher, gave […]

Ki Li Kol Ha’aretz: The Whole Earth Is Mine

Note: This article appeared as today’s Purim=>Pesach article from The Shalom Center, curated by David Eber and Arthur Waskow.  Click here to read the article in full on The Shalom Center’s website.   On Pesach we ask ourselves: What is the meaning of the Exodus? On this Sabbatical or Shmitta year, our perspective shifts to reveal […]

New Kevah/Organic Torah Class at Eitz Chayim in Cambridge

After Pesach, Rabbi Natan will be starting a text-based course at Congregation Eitz Chayim in Cambridge, MA. This course will examine Rabbinic concepts of ownership, land, obligations to the poor and the tension between divine creation and human creativity as seen in the Mishnah, especially in the tractate Pe’ah. Texts will be in both English […]