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Published on May 9th, 2023 | by Natan Diacon-Furtado


Good/Food Gathering

May 21, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm pst

Rabbi Natan will be hosting two in person sessions at the upcoming Good/Food Gathering in Portland, Oregon.

oin us for a day dedicated to learning, exploring and, of course, eating Jewish food.  Through talks, panels, breakout groups, and presentations on localJewish cuisine, food justice, lessons in making, and Kabbalistic takes on food, we’ll delve into Jewish food and Portland’s food scene.

Lunch will include delicious food offerings from several local Jewish restaurants and caterers, representing food traditions from all over the Jewishdiaspora.

Presenters include Lisa Schroeder (Mother’s Bistro and Bar), Jessie Aron (Malka), Noah Jacob (Jacob and Sons), journalist Deena Prichep (NPR andelsewhere), Rabbi Natan Margalit and others. 

So join food lovers, chow hounds, restaurateurs, rabbis and other teachers, chefs, activists and people just like you in this day of delicious discovery.

Mainstage Talk:

“Challah, Compost and Caring for the Earth”

Is there a Jewish way to eat?  Not just bagels and lox or kugel and latkes. And not just keeping kosher. But does Judaism have anything to say about the decisions we make about our food – how it is grown, prepared, distributed, enjoyed and shared? In this presentation we’ll explore how core Jewish ways of thinking are themselves organic. When we tap into this organic, Jewish mode of thought it can transform not just our eating but our whole relationship to the earth, to our health and our communities. Ideas in this talk are based on Rabbi Margalit’s recent book The Pearl and the Flame: A Journey into Jewish Wisdom and Ecological Thinking.       


The Shabbat Meal: What’s the Secret Spice?

In this session we’ll talk about what can make a Shabbat meal feel special. This isn’t a recipe that includes ingredients like flour, eggs, sugar or vegetables. It’s about what makes a meal amazing, something that revives us and enlivens us. What is that special spice that we’ve sometimes experienced which makes us remember certain meals as tasting so good—even if the food itself wasn’t even that good?  Ideas in this session are based on Rabbi Margalit’s recent book The Pearl and the Flame: A Journey into Jewish Wisdom and Ecological Thinking.  

More information can be found here.


Co/Lab at Eastside Jewish Commons

Portland, Or

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