CJP Funds “Torah of Food” Series from Organic Torah

Organic Torah is pleased to announce that Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston has recognized us with a $3,000 Innovation Grant supporting our upcoming program The Torah of Food: Jewish Wisdom for Feeding the Whole Family.  This program will be taught by Rabbi Natan Margalit and Ilana Margalit, L.Ac.  It will be offered in several Boston-area synagogues.

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  1. Randall Miller says:

    Would it be possible to record these sessions so that those of us outside the Boston area can benefit from this wonderful learning opportunity?
    Randall Miller

    • nmargalit says:

      Dear Randall, Its a good idea, and we hope to be offering some long distance learning opportunities. These particular classes involve a lot of sharing and can get pretty personal so they don’t lend themselves to being recorded. But, thanks for the interest!


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