Update on Seltzer in the Synagogue

Thanks to all who wrote to me about the seltzer post! It generated a lot of interest.

Everywhere I go I’m seeing more and more people using homemade seltzer makers.  I’m not officially endorsing any product, but a lot of people have been writing about the SodaStream makers, pro and con.  We have one and we’re very happy with it.  And, there seem to be more and more outlets where you can get them and also return and refill the CO2 canisters. In fact, in Rockland, Maine, where I’m serving as visiting rabbi this year at Congregation Adas Yoshorun, one of the congregants owns a store which is is the local outlet for SodaStream. When he read the article, he decided to donate a seltzer maker to the synagogue!  So hopefully we’ll soon be seeing another shul with homemade soda at kiddush.   I hope this goes viral!

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