“They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Eternal, as the water covers the sea.” Isaiah 11:9

What is Organic Torah?

Organic Torah is a not-for-profit, program-based, educational initiative to integrate ancient Jewish wisdom as a leading-edge voice in contemporary efforts to create a healthier, more sustainable, prosperous and just world. We only need to shift our perspective.   

To live in the world where wisdom flows naturally from life —integrating our intuition, creativity and spirit with our practical skill and science — has been a hope and a guiding vision since at least the time of Isaiah. Organic Torah leads us on the path toward this vision, and this world.  

 What are the ideas behind Organic Torah?

For too long we have asserted mastery over the world by breaking things down, trying to reduce our world to a predictable machine. We have achieved much with this way of thinking but we are now seeing its limits: degraded eco-systems, climate change, unstable economies, alienation and personal and social unrest.  

• Now the world is starting to shift. All over, people are beginning to realize that the world comes alive when we see its patterns, when we pull together naturally, organically, instead of tearing apart.

• Judaism has a unique contribution to make in these efforts toward change, because Judaism — never really in sync with modern, mechanical thinking — has been organic all along.

• So, for the many problems we are facing in the world today, Organic Torah brings Judaism forward as a leading voice and inspiration in the vital paradigm shift that can literally save our world.  

Organic Torah offers a perspective and approach that allows us to:

• Integrate Jewish wisdom into the world-wide struggle for a sustainable, healthy and just world. Leading environmentalists agree that technical fixes are not enough; we need a profound spiritual, emotional and intellectual shift in how we see ourselves in this world. Religious traditions such as Judaism can play a leading role in making this shift.  

• Make Jewish learning, or any learning, a natural, creative, and fulfilling process.  The Organic Torah approach to education emphasizes the creative, meaning-making part of our brains, allowing us to integrate our learning into our emotional, moral and spiritual lives without losing rigor and skill.

• Help to heal the rift between religion and science. Many people are alienated from their religious heritage because it does not seem to square with modern science.  And many scientists cannot integrate their work with their natural moral and emotional intuitions. Organic Torah brings these worlds together in a way that hasn’t been possible for centuries.