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Rabbi Natan to Deliver 34th Annual Keenan Lecture at Spalding University

Rabbi Natan will be in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 23, where he will deliver the 34th Annual Keenan Lecture at Spalding University.  This year’s topic will be Judaism and the Environment. The title of his talk will be “Organic Torah: Systems, Spirit and Sustainability.” Click here for the Keenan Lecture website, including directions to Spalding University

Vote in the 37th World Zionist Congress Elections!

Organic Torah is encouraging all our friends to vote in the elections for the 37th World Zionist Congress (WZC).  American Jews have a voice in Israel, and this is a big piece of it.  Please click over to the website, read the platforms and vote for the slate of your choice.  There is a $10 […]

Hanukkah, the “Other” and Organic Torah

We are witnessing a dawning of awareness in this country: many had thought that racism was behind us. Many considered themselves to be no longer racist because they and their friends didn’t explicitly use racist language any more, didn’t consciously discriminate against other races, gender preferences, or religions. But we’ve seen that white America still […]

Trees, Chanukkah Light and Torah

We are getting close to Chanukah, and I’m looking forward to seeing the Chanukah candles flickering and glowing. Every year I appreciate their beauty. Everyone has a Winter Solstice festival. Christianity got the idea for the Christmas tree from earlier European indigenous peoples who saw in the evergreen pine tree the symbol of renewal of […]

Sunday 12/7 5pm: #LightForLIMA

This December, as world leaders meet in Lima, our future is on the line. Time is running out for our leaders to reach an agreement to save us from devastating climate change. This is why OurVoices is organizing #LightForLIMA – a global, multi-faith prayer vigil.  OurVoices is a new group that aims to reach millions of […]

The Heart of the Torah

Just a few weeks ago we finished the High Holiday season with Simchat Torah and that wonderful moment when we finish reading the Torah with the last words of Deuteronomy “l’eynei kol Israel” “in the eyes of all Israel” and, without so much as a pause to catch our breath, start reading the Torah again […]

Kevah Organic Torah Miniseries – Sign Up Now! Embodied Torah

Taught by: Rabbi Natan Margalit, Ph.D. Founder, Organic Torah Institute Embodied Torah: Holiness and the Body in the Torah. Judaism embraces this world, nature and, of course, our human bodies. In fact, the Torah is a network of organic patterns and connections; flexible and strong. Viewing the Torah this way as an organic whole, the […]

A Poem for Rosh Hashanah

I want to share this poem by E. E. Cummings (apparently, contra the myth that he legally changed his name to e e cummings, he actually preferred his name with the normal capital letters).  I want to thank Linda Yael Schiller for reciting this poem, at a memorial circle for Shira Shaiman, at Dance New […]

Challah and Halakhah

I’m a pretty good challah maker. Actually, I’m being too modest. I make some of the best whole wheat challah most people have ever tasted. I think that part of the reason it comes out so well is that at crucial points in the process, I don’t rely on measurements in the recipe, but I […]

Reb Zalman’s Passing and a New Era Emerging

I wanted to add my own little story into the flood of memories, stories and reminiscences that so many have shared in the past few days since Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, z’tl, beloved teacher and rebbe to so many, passed from this world.  Probably my fondest memory of Reb Zalman was at a Simchat Torah retreat in 2004 at […]