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Published on December 12th, 2013 | by Natan Margalit


Organic Torah — A New Integration

Forces of fragmentation are threatening our world, but, under the radar, a new culture of connection is also rising. Organic Torah is about bringing new ideas and strength to this culture of connection.  You can help us grow and expand our work.  You can help stop the forces of fragmentation and create a world of connection.  Please take a minute now and donate to Organic Torah.

While climate change jolts us between super storms and deep freezes; while our economy dwindles and democracy atrophies because of the widening gap between super-rich and the rest; while Judaism trembles before Pew Survey numbers, while fragmentation rages — we can also discern another trend towards integration: medicine is starting to realize that health is about the whole person, economists are starting to get that humans are social animals, not “rational individual actors;” neurologists are seeing that the brain is a storytelling network not a calculating machine, corporations and organizations all over are starting to see that top-down hierarchy isn’t as effective as system integration. Everywhere we look there are signs of a paradigm shift that is coming back to organic thinking, ecological understanding and networks of relationships.

Organic Torah recognizes that this is Judaism’s home territory. Jews have been thinking organically for centuries and, although we’ve forgotten ourselves over and over again, we still have the resources to come back to our Organic Torah.  This is a Torah of strength and flexibility, a Torah of life and freedom, a Torah of depth and beauty. And, now it is a Torah that aligns to the cutting edge of Western thinking. For all our challenges, this is a moment in history that offers amazing potential.

Organic Torah is about seizing this moment and promoting an integration that makes Judaism understandable and compelling to educated Westerners, while remaining true to Judaism’s depth and wisdom. I hope that you’ll join Organic Torah by reading my blog (and sharing your thoughts in response!), taking a class, either in person or online, or attending a lecture or a workshop.  Even if you can’t take a class or workshop your donation can support a student by providing funds for scholarships. You can help us grow and expand our work.  You can help stop the forces of fragmentation and create a world of connection. You can strengthen Judaism and the world by donating to Organic Torah.

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